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Do you need more space, but can't afford to buy a new home? More and more Ottawa homeowners are finding that their families are growing faster than their paychecks. Whether you find yourself in the same situation, or you just love your neighborhood and hate the idea of starting over, it may be time to consider a home addition.

An Ottawa home addition will add both size and value to your home, but it's also likely to be the largest renovation investment you'll ever make. It's a good idea to consider your options before jumping right in. If, for instance, you want to build a ground floor addition, you should keep in mind that this will change the shape of your home and you'll be losing some yard space. If you have a small yard to begin with, a second story addition may be a better option.

Depending on the size and scope of construction, a second story addition could be a little less costly because there is no need to extend your home's foundation. You do need to keep in mind that part of your roof may be left open to the elements during construction, though. Before scheduling a second story addition, you should consider the time of year and weather conditions.

Janmir has 15 years of home addition and construction experience. That's nearly two decades worth of satisfied customers on the greater Ottawa area. If you're considering an Ottawa addition for your home, give us a call so we can discuss your goals, budget and options. We'll give you a reasonable, honest estimate and, when you're ready to build, our skilled craftsmen will make your dream a reality.