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New siding is a fast and cost effective way to add value and curb appeal to your home and is an easy process when done right by our team of Ottawa siding contractors. When you let Janmir install new residential siding or repair your existing siding, your house will be better protected from the elements, more energy efficient and have that "new house" look that only new siding can bring.

Janmir uses top quality construction materials and we can give your home a breathtaking new look at a great price using our Ottawa siding installation services. We offer a wide variety of siding options in many colours and styles. Such as:

Vinyl Siding - Attractive, durable and low maintenance, vinyl siding is the most popular type of residential home siding. It stands up well to blistering summer temperatures as well as rough winters. Ottawa vinyl siding won't peel, crack or rot; it's easy to clean and it never needs painting.

Stucco - Stucco is among the oldest of exterior siding choices. Since the Renaissance period, stucco has been prized for its strength and durability. Usually made with cement and other fine aggregates, a stucco exterior creates a beautiful hard shell that protects your home from the ever changing weather and provides a value added insulation factor.

Wood - Wood siding comes in several varieties. Wood clapboard siding can add old world charm and, when properly maintained, can protect your house for many years. It's both beautiful and durable, but does require some upkeep and periodic painting.

If you want a more back to nature look, cedar shakes are beautiful and look right at home in a wooded environment. Cedar shakes are usually stained in natural Earth tones, so they don't require painting and are slightly lower maintenance than wood clapboard.

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